Spiritual & Mental Wellbeing Help




Vivian Davis, M.A, is a Spiritual Counselor and Advisor, Intuitive Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and therapeutic yoga teacher with over 18 years of service in the counseling field with a specialty in alternative, holistic, and transpersonal therapies. She has a passionate pursuit of Service to Others,  with a vision to assist folks in achieving a balanced mental health state during times of crisis, transition, and increased global upheaval and cosmic changes.

Vivian is a holistic practitioner that specializes in dream interpretation, personality assessment, mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, and breath work.  As Founder and Director of Disclosure Support, (Formerly Uniting Holistic Services for a Post-Disclosure Society), she is creating a hub of clinical professionals and holistic healers who are trained, ready, and accessible to assist those struggling with the initial shock, trauma, anxiety and depression during a collective’s full disclosure event and in the individual awakening process.  She has been devoting many hours per day to this project, and to continue to do so in order to support this large mental health initiative, she is now taking on private clients again.  Funds will contribute to and support this great work and initiative.

If you are needing additional support, encouragement, guidance, and understanding during these intense times, please contact Vivian for a personable and compassionate session that addresses the body, mind and spirit.  Her discounted session rates start at $37.00 for half an hour. Sessions are via Skype, phone, or Facetime. Please contact Vivian at info@counselingbyvivian.com and visit her website Here

“Each day that we wake up we have a choice. We can choose love or we can choose fear. How can we do that when there is a plethora of circumstances in our world that evokes a great deal of fear? One good practice is to notice where you send your attention. Attention is energy. We are incredibly strong and powerful energetic creators. You can choose where to focus your attention/energy! Try focusing on doing good for others, being of service, and turn to what is beautiful to you in this life. Choosing to focus on love and service to others does not make you unconscious of the dark in the world for we know that it is there and are not naive to this fact. However by sending our energy/attention away from the dark we can initiate powerful change. You do have a choice and you are a powerful. You do not have to feel controlled by circumstance as you are a beautiful creator being that is a powerful micro reflection of the macro system. Each day choose love over fear.”