Guidelines For Submitting A Blog on Cosmic Composure

All Disclosure Support practitioners are invited to submit blogs and projects to the DS team for possible publication on our website and social media platforms. Blogs chosen for publication will feature you as the author, provide a link to your website/social media page and a brief bio. What do we mean by “projects”? Have you written a book that would be beneficial for the Awakening community? Submit a book review of your publication. What if you have a visual media platform; or, maybe weekly shows/podcasts? Submit a description of your visual/audio project and your release schedule. Maybe you organize events, like holistic fairs, or teach courses beneficial for the Awakening community. Send us an email with your blog or a description of your project and our leadership will review them for publication by following the guidelines below.

The blogs and projects chosen for publication will be those that incorporate the spirit of DS mission and vision statements:

Mission Statement: Disclosure Support exists to provide professional resources and support to those who are experiencing the unique and individual psycho-spiritual crisis that often accompanies the Collective Great Awakening. Our goal is to assist individuals with their internal healing processes and work with the Awakening community to build bridges between old and new paradigms.

Vision Statement: By assisting with the individual and collective healing, Disclosure Support aims to empower the Awakening community to develop the skill set needed to become agents of transformation within their communities and, ultimately, co-create a just and equitable society as we experience the collective Great Awakening.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when submitting blogs and projects:

  1. Please use inclusive language.
  2. Edit your work for spelling and major grammatical errors.
  3. The submission should be inspiring and/or substantive. The tone of articles should be invitational. We encourage well-informed arguments and philosophical discussions. There is strength in diversity and we hold space for difference of opinion. What we will not publish are blogs and projects that use attack-language.
  4. Your blog/project does not have to be an academic masterpiece. It should contain material that is readable or relatable.
  5. Blogs and projects should be geared to assist those going through psycho-social crisis, shifting paradigms, dealing with increased mental illness symptoms, wound/trauma/shadow work, and collective healing, in essence: how can we assist during this time of Disclosure.
  6. We will not publish blogs that are solely about products you sell. However, you are welcome to write an informative article on wellness (like benefits of aromatherapy or heavy metal cleanses) and want to link a holistic and environmentally responsible product you sell at the bottom of the article.
  7. Plagiarism is intellectual theft; only submit your own original work.
  8. We do not typically post channelings due to the vast ways of misinterpretations or the source of the channelings. However, we do honor postings and projects regarding the Law of One and QHHT.
  9. We reserve the right to edit any articles and to decide the appropriateness of every article. If your article is denied, we will provide you with reasons and feedback.

To submit a blog or project, contact us at ( Thanks!

Vivian, Doug, and Crystal


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