Hello and welcome! We are a team of dedicated mental health professionals and healers here to assist you holistically in dealing with awakening and disclosure. We are here to help you find meaning, purpose, stability and mental wellbeing after disclosure no matter what belief system you hold. This is a site to gather like-minded people together to dialog, share, and research ways to help a world rocked and shocked by disclosure.

Disclosure at large is already happening and so is disclosure at the individual level. People are awakening and remembering in new ways and wondering how to make sense of this liminal space–that awkward, exhilarating, and sometimes painful, hallway between the old room of former reality bubbles that no longer resonate and the new room …

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Guidelines For Submitting A Blog on Cosmic Composure

All Disclosure Support practitioners are invited to submit blogs and projects to the DS team for possible publication on our website and social media platforms. Blogs chosen for publication will feature you as the author, provide a link to your website/social media page and a brief bio. What do we mean by “projects”? Have you … Continue reading Guidelines For Submitting A Blog on Cosmic Composure

Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities

Article by Doug S. MA, MSW, LCSW Disclosure Support attempts to help make sense of the whole disclosure movement by bringing to bear a holistic model of discernment in the hopes of climbing high enough to get a clearer picture. I begin this article by stating an obvious thought, which I’m sure that you, dear … Continue reading Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities

Shards of Unity

An Article by Doug S., MA, MSW, LCSW Late one Sunday night in April, 2013, I was writing up my counseling notes after a long day of seeing clients.  All alone in the office, I usually cranked up some loud music to keep me awake and to let off some steam from hours of holding … Continue reading Shards of Unity

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